Clip of the Week

You may be asking why I’m still posting these clips of the week. And the answer is that I made about 8 of them 5 weeks ago and I’m just continuing to publish them, besides they’re super easy to write. Well now it’s time to bring things back a few years to a favorite video of mine from back in Middle School. I will admit that this video was honestly the scariest thing I had ever seen at the time. It was hilarious yes, but for the mind of a Middle School boy who wasn’t a fan of horror movies it scared the jibblies right out of me. And as it is hallows ween tomorrow it seems like there perfect time to give you ye olde Salad Fingers

You can probably see why I liked this video so much in Middle School.


One thought on “Clip of the Week

  1. Oh God, my sister introduced this to me several months ago. So horrifing…ly engrossing. It’s so good – really creative and creepy artistic, too (haha, not to get pseudo-deeply analytical). Watching these at night, especially when there are characters screeching, creeped me out so much. Love it!

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