Culture Shock part 2

Hey remember all that stuff I said about how life in Georgia really isn’t all that different from life in Vermont? Of course you do, it was one of my most popular posts (like weirdly so). Yeah, well, I changed my mind, Georgia is actually pretty different.

You see Vermont is incredibly sheltered. Everyone has pretty much the same opinion on most things in Vermont. We like our health care universal, our marriages gay, our pot legal, and most of all, our maple syrup to be actual maple syrup (for the record I will never get over the fake maple syrup thing)! Me and my friends could manage to agree on just about everything, from tv to politics. Even when we disagreed over things, it was dumb stuff like the difference between a trench and a ditch.

In Georgia things are different, and I know exactly why. Vermont has turned me into a hipster. Everything is too mainstream here in Atlanta. For example: I saw an ad for the movie Bad Grandpa. It looks like a terrible movie, absolute garbage, but all of my friends here were really excited to see it. And it doesn’t stop there. Pretty much every discussion (with a few exceptions) I am met with staunch disagreement. I resent the Call of Duty series, my friend loves it. I express my love for the movie Time Bandits, and I’m treated like a crazy person (though I probably deserve that one). Luckily my friend and I were able to agree that hobbits are the best race from Lord of the Rings.

I will say though, I’m beginning to enjoy the warmth. It snowed the other day in Vermont (hahahahahahahahahaha) and meanwhile it was 70 and sunny in Atlanta. Although on the flip-side, apparently Georgians think that 70 degrees qualifies as winter and so they’ve turned the heaters on in all of our dorm rooms. Heaters which, by the way, can’t be turned off, so it is now about 95 degrees in my room all the time. Also I will say I do miss my sweatshirt weather. When else am I going to wear my favorite collegiate apparel?