5 Things You’ll Love about College

So last week you may remember a post I made titled 7 Things You’ll Miss in College. It was a fun bit, I got to practice writing for Cracked, we all had some laughs, and I inadvertently angered my brother for not specifically listing “family” as one of the things you would miss, even though family was already included under “home” (note definition #2). Well that post apparently set off another storm. I’m not entirely sure why, but it would seem that the entire population of South Burlington Vermont (aka my hometown) apparently seems to think that I am super depressed here at Georgia Tech and am having a terrible time. Let me make one thing abundantly clear: I AM HAVING AN AWESOME TIME IN COLLEGE, NOW STOP PESTERING MY MOTHER, YOU’RE MAKING HER WORRIED! Seriously.

Yes, those are both me
If I was so sad, why would I make this picture.

I recognize that a lot of my posts have been largely on the sadder side, but that’s just because 1) it’s more interesting than you’re typical “college is great” type posts and 2) I find it harder to list all the great things about college both because there are so many, and also because different people like different things, whereas there are a lot of things that are universally hated.

Well I am tired of it! I don’t know what it’s going to take to convince you people that I’m enjoying things in Atlanta, but I’ll be damned if I don’t try. So here is the first of probably several positive posts about college. Ugh I can just feel the over-used sayings coming.

5. The People

Let’s get the cliché ones out of the way first. Everyone and their mother has probably told you something to the order of, “Oh, you’re going to meet so many great people in college!” Yes, yes you are. Like I’ve already said, the people in college are awesome because they all have similar interests as you, yadda yadda yadda (I have been really into that phrase lately). Blah blah, you’ll meet some good people and have fun. Is this really what you guys want to hear, ugh, this is painful.

4. The Freedom

Yay no parents! Remember how you’ve always hated your parents’ oppressive rule, and wished you could live in a world free of their tyranny? Yeah neither have I, but the freedom to do whatever you want is very refreshing. Want to go partying? Want to sit in your room all day playing Kerbal Space Program? Want to run naked down the street screaming “I’m a vampire!”? You can do that!

3. Buying Groceries

No, I’m not being sarcastic. Going along with what I just said about having all the freedom you could ever want, getting to buy your own groceries, in my opinion, is a plus. It gets old after a while, but theirs something weirdly refreshing about buying your own groceries. You say to yourself, I am finally mature enough to take care of yourself now, OOO there’s Hot Pockets in aisle four!! It feels really nice to not be dependent on another person for things as basic as food (even though the money your spend is probably your parents’).

2. The Weekends

In college you will come to love the weekends. All week your working your ass off, and then the weekend comes. You are suddenly set free upon the world: no responsibilities, no expectations, no chores to do (well except for laundry). When you combine near total freedom with free time you get awesome. The only issue comes when everyone leaves on break and everything is closed so you have nothing to do, but otherwise it’s awesome.

1. Clubbin’

In case you weren’t aware, this is a double entendre. On the one hand, yes you can go clubbin’ or partying or whatever the kids are calling it, but on the other hand you have clubs,  like extra-cirricular activities. As far as parties are concerned, yeah I hear they’re pretty cray if that’s your thing. Partying isn’t really my thing so I’m gonna get back to the other kind of clubbin’. The cool thing about clubs is that unlike in High School, you are by no means obligated to join any clubs. No college is looking at you clubs to “see if you’re a well-rounded individual committed to learning and community involvement”. No no no, now you get to do what you want and only what you want. The other great thing is there are way more choices! It changes from school to school, but at Georgia Tech we have a solar car racing club, a sky-diving club, a flying-club, a radio club, a LOL club, and about fifty bible study clubs (what? It’s the south), and about fifty billion other clubs. There is seriously something for everybody, it’s bloody amazing.

So there! Are we done now? Are we satisfied that Matt is having a good, no great, no amazing time at college? We had better be, because if I hear one more person say, “oh Mrs. So-and-so was really worried that you weren’t having a good time” I will unleash this hell upon the world:

Meet: the future
Meet: your future

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