Adventures in Clarksville #8

It’s time once again for everyone’s favorite series: Adventures in Clarksville! This week’s episode it: “Showdown in the Summoner’s Rift”.

The forest was scared and burned. All about lay the bodies of fallen soldiers. The defenses that had been established along the woods’ three main paths were all, but entirely destroyed.  The river running through the center of the dense forest was laced red with the blood of fallen champions. Suddenly another wave of soldiers collided in the center of the battlefield. The fighting was dead even until, out from the shadows emerged Adam and Jason. Adam was playing as Amumu, the sad mummy, while Jason led the team as Volibear, ‘The Thunder’s Roar’. Within seconds the enemy’s troops were demolished. As another wave of minions came to reinforce Adam and Jason, they pushed onwards to the enemy team’s base. Soon after Tommy, playing as Talon, relieved Adam who went back to the bottom lane to join Carly who was playing as Sona. Meanwhile Karen was holding her own in the top lane as Miss Fortune.

The enemy in this battle was their rival: Desmond and his team, DKS. Many games had been played between the two teams, and the consensus was that they were evenly matched. Today, however, Jason and the team needed a win. If they lost they would be kicked out of the regional play-offs. They had been working all summer to qualify, and Desmond had personally made it his mission to make sure that they didn’t even make it to the tournament. In addition Tommy was out for revenge. The previous week Desmond made out with his sister, and now Tommy wanted blood.

This game was a close one. It had gone on for over an hour up until now. Each team’s characters were maxed out and at full power. Neither team had any turret defenses left standing in any of the three lanes. It was just a matter of time until one of the teams made a move to end the game. Finally that time came. As they were fiercely in battle all Desmond and his team all pulled out of their lanes, expecting the gang to keep pushing. Suddenly the entirety of DKS came charging down the middle lane, headed straight for the gang’s base. Desmond and his lackeys surrounded Jason and Tommy (who had switched out with Adam). Shouting over the team chat Jason yelled, “Everyone fall back! They’re making a final push!” At maximum speed they all rushed back and took defensive positions just in front of their base. With the last of the gang’s minions destroyed, Desmond came charging down the lane, followed by the rest of his team. The situation looked dire. If they failed to hold off Desmond here, they would surely lose.

Desmond was closing in fast. Tommy couldn’t hold it any longer. He charge forward with all of his might. It was a battle he could not win. Tommy jumped on Desmond and used every power he had to exact revenge, but it was 5-on-1. DKS swarmed him landing blow after blow. Just as he was about to die, Tommy got one last hit, leaving Desmond at a meager 1 health. As they viciously killed Tommy, Jason ran in from behind screaming, “FOR TOMMY!” Using Volibear’s immense power he threw Desmond’s champion up into the air, killing him on impact.

Desmond exploded. Into his own team’s chat he yelled, “What the hell are you guys doing?!?! Kill them?! Why didn’t you defend me?!” Stunned by their leader’s death the remaining members of DKS panicked. That’s when the gang pounced. DKS tried attacking Jason, but as they did Adam ran in from the front, while Carly and Karen ambushed them from the side. The scene was utter chaos, but as the dust settled DKS was slain, and the gang was unscathed. Now nothing was stopping them from taking the enemy base. Jason yelled, “Go! Now!” Seconds later the gang had stormed into Desmond’s base, destroying his last few remaining turrets. Desmond having now respawned, tried pushing them back, but it was a losing battle, that gang had pushed too far into their base. It was captured, the gang had won.

Desmond was livid, after berating his teammates, he turned his attention to the gang. Using the lobby chat he told them, “You kids got lucky, that game was total BS. Any other day I would have whooped your asses.” Jason responded, “Sure Desmond, whatever you say.” That only angered Desmond even more. He wrote back, “You know what let’s have real battle then we’ll see who the winner is.” Never backing down from a challenge Jason said, “Alright, name your challenge.” Desmond replied, “Meet me at the field tomorrow at 3, then we’ll see who the real champion is.” This time Tommy replied, “Bring it.”