Blog Post Arrogance

Whenever I post something on this here blog and it does well I go through something I like to call: Blog Post Arrogance. You may not care, but this is my blog, and I promised you a look inside my mind, and it’s midnight and I can’t get to sleep until I write these thoughts down somewhere, so you’re going to hear about it gatdamnit! Where was I? Oh yeah, so when something does well I tend to get really arrogant. I can usually feel it coming on because it has some key symptoms.

In the lead up to Blog Post Arrogance or BPA as- wait crap that’s already a thing, aw screw it. Prior to the onset of BPA I usually find myself nervously checking the stats of my blog to see what you guys are saying/doing/looking at.  By that I mean checking WordPress every 3 seconds or so. And when a post does well it feel really good, like reeeeaally good. Like imagine how heroine feels then multiply it by 50 and I don’t know how heroine feels so this metaphor is falling apart. Anywasy it feels good, and that very quickly goes to my head. Then I do a couple of things.

Sometimes I’ll reread the post (which I never actually do before publishing because screw grammar), and usually say something like, “Yeah that’s one dope-ass blog post.” Then I often just stare at the stats and freak out when they go up even the slightest amount like, “Oh my god! My exposé on bull feces went from 23 to 25 views!!!! My life is complete!!!!!” If it’s a really good day I may even tweet about how awesome it feels to have a post do “well” (keep in mind doing well is a pretty low standard as of now).

The problem is what comes next. Much like heroine (*I assume) after the high comes the inevitable fall. The next thing I post (usually on a wednesday, nobody reads on wednesdays!) will probably suck, and/or will garner no views. I then feel really sad about myself, and then I look back and say, “I remember the good old days when I used to get 30 views a post” even though that was two days ago. Then friday comes along and I spit out some BS Adventure in Clarksville story. Leaving me to wallow in sadness until the next monday when I suddenly (and by sheer luck) manage to think of some awesome idea that once again lights up this little blog of mine (usually about college, everybody wants to know about college!) and we start the process all over again.

The only problem arises when I try to imitate the post that got me a bunch of views in the first place, that’s when I have the bad week. So should you ever join in on the blogging community (am I a part of the blogging community BTW?) be warry of BPA, it probably won’t ruin your life, but it might ruin your thursdays.