A Word on Adventures in Clarksville

When I started my fictional storyline that I call Adventures in Clarksville (because I’m really bad at thinking up names) I was mostly just looking for something fun to do. And for the most part it was fun, I made maps, I drew out character arcs, I had a ball, it was really a lot of fun. Then I said, hey wouldn’t it be funny if two of the characters were dating! It started out innocent enough. In episode one the characters were jokingly complaining about their “incessant PDA”. What wholesome fun! A little later I up-ed the ante, things got physical, they participated in some rambunctious coitus  two of the other characters hid underneath the bed, and I can honestly tell you I spent a good thirty minutes laughing to myself about that joke (seriously, I think I’m just that funny). That’s when the slippery slope started.

It only took about one episode for things to degenerate from a little playful fun to fan fic levels. I re-read what was to be today’s episode, and let me tell you it was terrible, just awful. Oh how far we’ve fallen (well really just me). To quote my good friend Michael (at least I think it’s michael, you can never tell with the internet), “ummmm wtf is going on?” It’s strange how quickly the mind can go from innocent fun, to absolute  indecency.I also had the startling realization that anyone can read the stuff I post here, and this isn’t really the kind of things I want associated with my awesome name. So I’ve decided to take a break this week from Adventures in Clarksville (not that anyone cares, no one reads those things anyways) to re-examine the “franchise”, and bring it back to where we started without all the booty-having…well, at least less. In the meantime you can check out this map I drew up for the town of Clarksville way back when I was setting this whole thing up.

In beautiful technicolor!
In beautiful technicolor!

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