College Relationships 101

Moving off to College is more than just a change of scenery. You will quickly find that your relationships with others will change dramatically, people you were once best friends with may disappear, and new people will be bountiful. Every relationship you have or will have in the next four or so years will change to varying degrees directly proportional to the distance your respective university is from your hometown. Each relationship will change differently depending on the person, but you will undoubtedly notice the following trends.

1. Dating

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room. It’s a subject I’ve addressed before, but things change dramatically once you enter the realm of higher education. I’m not entirely certain of the specifics, but apparently once you remove any and all kinds of supervision, and responsibility, adding into that mix freely available streams of alcohol, and then you shove everyone in close quarters together, people start doing it like you wouldn’t believe. Now I was well aware that college is generally start “freely expressing themselves”, I’ve seen movies, but I did not realize the degree to which people will sleep with anything that moves. Unfortunately, socially inept people such as myself tend not to move and thus are discounted from this pool, but don’t worry, we’ll get there.

2. Family

Your relationship with your family varies very closely with how far away your school is. Most people go to school in-state and are only 30 or so minutes away from home by car, or by foot in the case of many of my friends. In that case, not much is going to change, at most your parents will merely look at you as more responsible. However, if you’re like me things will be MUCH, MUCH different. Your mom will probably call you a million times just to make sure you didn’t die or fall in a well or something. It might be annoying, but keep in mind they’re used to taking care of you 24/7 so adapting to not taking care of you ever is a bit of an adjustment. Plus your parents might offer to send you a care package and you know what that means: free cookies! Side note: just as a general rule, never turn down free cookies. If you have younger siblings you’ll probably find that they look up to you know, keep in mind you’re a cool adult now. As for older siblings, you’re and adult just like them so get ready for more respect, that is until you go home for the holidays, and then they will not hesitate to sit on you, or steal the xbox even though I was already playing!

3. Old Friends

This is where things get interesting. Every friend will respond to things differently. You’ll probably have one friend who is thoroughly enjoying college, and even though you are also having a good time, they are having such a great time, that they worry that you are struggling. Then they will probably tell this to their mother who will tell your mother, who will call you at one in the morning in a fit worrying that you’re miserable (I’m talking to you SAM!). You’ll probably also have that friend who always wants to Skype (that’s me). It’s not that they aren’t having a good time, it’s that they’re afraid of losing touch with their best friends, humor them (*ahem*…Sam). You’ll also probably have one or two friends who actually aren’t doing so great, maybe through no fault of they’re own, maybe they just got REALLY unlucky (no Sam I’m not talking about myself). Don’t pity them, stay in touch, and all, but don’t pity them, no one likes to be patronized. One of your friends will disappear. You won’t really know who until it happens, but it will, don’t worry you’ll catch up with them…eventually. Who knows, maybe you were lucky enough that one of your best friends ended up at the same school as you! Be careful, don’t get too excited, they may ignore you in an attempt to garner more friends, or branch out, or try something new. Don’t worry when they don’t answer ANY of your texts, or you don’t hangout with you EVEN THOUGH YOU LIVE A BLOCK AWAY, you’ll make new friends, and at the very least you have someone to occasionally run into and say hi to when you’re walking around campus.

4. Other People

Other people is where college is most exciting. You see before you were stuck in school with everyone who’s parents decided to get it on at the same general time in the same general area. You could get lucky and be with some awesome people (SBHS CLASS OF 2013!!!) or you could be stuck with a bunch of annoying people that you hate. Well no longer! You are now living in a place where just about everyone has generally the same interests as you. At Georgia Tech, I can’t honestly tell you how many people I’ve seen reading Cracked, or talking about Kerbal Space Program, it’s glorious! There will still be some people that you hate with a passion, but most people will be awesome. Other people will also become very open and easy to talk to, because for one they have similar interests as you and two, much like you, they are looking to forge new friendships. You’ll find that making friends is as easy as talking to a random guy, or joining in on an exciting conversation. It’ll be exactly as hard as you make it. Even I, a self-professed introvert have found a tight group of friends, it’s a small group, but you’ll find that the size of your group will be proportional to how outgoing you are willing to be.


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