Somethings Are Better Left Unknown

And here is the epic conclusion of our story inside Carly’s house. I will warn you that some of the content in this week’s episode is of an adult nature, so reader discretion is advised. Click here  and here to catch up on what you’ve missed on: Adventures in Clarksville!


While Jason and Karen were mocking Carly’s parents’ style choices, and Tommy was playing with (and simultaneously destroying) some kid’s LEGO® collection, Adam and Carly were in the garage negotiating with a bike. After a great deal of fussing, and some help from a ladder, Adam managed to get Carly’s bike down from the rake which someone had maliciously placed out of reach. “Thank you so much, you’re such a great guy.” said Carly definitely not flirting at all. “People ask me how I’m so tall, and I just have to tell them…I was just born with it.” said Adam. “No I mean it, I don’t know what I’d do without you.” said Carly. And with that she wrapped her arms around him and went in for the kiss. Adam smiled and their lips locked. They stood their holding each other in love’s relentless grasp, in probably the least romantic place on the planet: Carly’s garage. As they frenched, they found themselves stuck, neither wanting to leave the other’s arms, neither one wanting to severe their connection. Finally Carly stepped back and said, “You know, my parents have a water bed.” in the most sexually conspicuous way imaginable. “I’m more of a memory foam man myself” wisely responded Adam.  Suddenly understanding the sexual context of the situation Adam then said, “But what about the guys?” “They’ve probably all left to meet us there by know.” responded Carly with some very flawed logic. Unable to suppress their emotions (or rather their hormones) any longer, they made their way to Carly’s parents’ bedroom, making out all the while. Pushing Adam onto the bed she closed the door behind her, and with a blink of an eye their clothes had disappeared. As they embraced each other the world around them melted away. They were just two lovers locked in each other’s arms, the movement of their hips keeping their hearts beating.

About 15 inches below our passionate lovers Jason and Karen lay trying not to be detected. They weren’t totally sure who was on top of them, but they knew exactly what they were doing. Being that it was Carly’s parents’ room, they naturally assumed that Mr. and Mrs. Brannegan were the ones making sweet love mere inches above them. The picture in their minds disgusted them to their core, largely due to the incessant sloshing of the water bed. It was not helped by the fact that the bed was also making a deafening “CREAK, CROOK” sound with each thrust. “How the hell is it creaking so much if it’s a water bed?!” asked Jason feeling emotionally violated. “We need to get out of here!” replied a nauseated Karen. As the action above them began to climax, the pair quickly crawled to the bathroom that lay directly in front of them. They went as fast as they could, both praying they wouldn’t get discovered, and neither daring to look back. They managed to make it to the bathroom undetected and wasted no time opening the window and jumping into a nearby tree, before climbing to the ground.  Jason and Karen ran back around to the front just in time to see Tommy sprint down the stairs. “Where have you been?” asked Karen, half out of curiosity, and half in an attempt to avoid the horror they had just witnessed. Tommy, not wanting to alert anyone to the fact that he had just trashed a 6th grader’s room blurted out, “umm….uh…I…I was looking…um, I was looking for a bathroom! Yeah, I was looking for a bathroom!” The three of them stood there in awkward silence each trying to divert attention away from what they had just transpired. “So where’d Carly, and Adam go?” asked Jason.

Carly and Adam lay there at peace. They were both perfectly happy and neither wanted that moment to end. But that moment did end. Outside they could hear a muffled voice ask, “So where’d Carly, and Adam go?” They suddenly realized that their friends had not left, and were still in the house. Then a terrible fear crept over Carly, what if they had heard them, they were making quite a bit of noise, and it would be so embarrassing if her friends had heard them going at it. Adam on the other hand was still going over the fact that he had just done it, IT! No doubt he was the first one in the group to do it. Winner winner chicken dinner. Luckily neither one of them realized that they just had sex on top of Karen and Jason, otherwise things might have gone differently. “Crap they’re still here! Put some pants on, they can’t know we were having intercourse!” shouted Carly quickly putting her jeggings back on.

Adam and Carly slowly crept down the stairs hoping no one would notice. Once they reached the bottom Carly nervously said, “Hey you guys are still here, I thought you had all left.” Karen anxiously replied, “haha yeah we were just waiting around, nothing happened, it was pretty boring!” Unable to withstand the terrible tension in the room, Tommy shouted, “So hey let’s hit up those trails!” Quickly agreeing they all left, each nervously trying to avoid what had just happened, except for Adam who still couldn’t believe he just had sex with the hot girl who has a big house and plays LOL.

If you thought that was weird, be sure to come back next friday for the next installment of: Adventures in Clarksville!


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