Exploring the Homestead

Out of the kindness of my heart I’ve decided to stop watching 80’s music videos to return you to our story and see what the gang is up to in another installment of Adventures in Clarksville

As they walked along, trying their hardest to ignore Adam and Carly’s incessant PDA, they were greeted with the warm smell of fried goodness, and a familiar face. It was everyone’s favorite grill master Ray. “Look who it is!” shouted Ray, ” My favorite band of internet crusaders.  What can I get for y’all?” Carefully eyeing the menu, Tommy answered, “The usual.” “Haha, at least I can trust you guys to be consistent. Four chili dogs and a veggie burger comin’ right up!” said Ray as he walked back into the kitchen. As they sat down at the picnic tables set up along the boardwalk, Ray came out carrying a pile of food. “Here y’all go. Now tell old Ray, what’s been going on in the cyberspace, slay any dragons today?” To which Jason arrogantly responded, “How many times to we have to tell you Ray, League of Legends is multiplayer online battle arena, matches consist of two teams of five with each team defending their own base while trying to destroy the opposing team’s base. It’s not a medieval quest based monster slaying games, although there is a dragon on the game’s main level, and we totally kicked its ass!” With this they all began high-fiveing each other like children. “Haha, alright alright, you kids enjoy yourself, only a couple more weeks until school starts!” exclaimed Ray as he put down the food and walked back to the kitchen.

“So what’s the plan?” Asked Carly, taking a bite of her veggie burger. “Well I figure,” said Tommy, “we chill on the boardwalk a little longer, then we head down Lakeview Dr. and into the forest. There’s some great mountain biking trails back there that I heard about.” “That sounds fun, mind if we swing by my house first though, I need to grab my other bike?” asked Carly. A sudden realization swept over Adam, distracting him from his tantalizing chili dog, “Wait, I just realized, we’ve never been to your house!” feeling very proud for having noticed this. “Well I mean it’s just like every other house, it’s actually on Lakeview Dr. which we were gonna bike along anyways. It’s like two seconds out of the way I swear,” said Carly. “You live on Lakeview?! Like where all the fancy houses are?” inquired Tommy, “Oh we are definitely going there now!”

With excitement in their eyes they set off to behold the majesty of Carly’s house. As they went along they passed mansion after mansion, each one seemed bigger than the last. “There’s always a bigger house,” said Jason pretending as if he didn’t steal that line from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Finally they came to a large black gate. Walking up to the intercom, Carly pressed the button and said, “Hi Carl, It’s me.” To which a distorted voice answered, “Welcome home Miss Branegann.” With that the gate began to slowly open. “I guess I could give you guys the tour if you really wanted,” said Carly. “Hell Yes!” exclaimed Adam.

For those who like maps
For those who like maps

As Carly pushed aside the seemingly massive front door, the gang was greeted to a huge entry way with two curved staircases on either side leading up to the second story. In between the two stair cases lay a passage to the rear hall. “Well this is it, my humble abode. I don’t really know why you guys wanted to see it so badly,” said Carly. Her words were lost on the group as they tried to soak in the enormous scale of the building, all of them staring up at the vaulted ceiling. “If you guys follow me I’ll show you the rest of it,” said Carly leading them through the passage between the two marvelous staircases, and down the rear hall to the sunroom. As they were leaving the entryway Karen whispered to Jason, “Where do you think they keep all the stolen paintings?” To which Jason responded, “Let’s find out!” And with that the two snuck away from the group and up the grand staircase to the second floor.

You’re going to have to come back next week to find out what they find in Carly’s house. See you then!


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