A Post for Hopeless Cases

You probably don’t realize it, but a lot of the ideas I have for posts don’t end up being posted. All of them sit in various stages of completion, some are just raw ideas, others are almost finished. For one reason or another they were all brutally abandoned like a baby kitten in a trash can (because I like to throw around that kind of imagery).

Can I haz freedum?
Can I haz freedum?

Well after googling the term “baby kitten in a trash can” I am feeling extra sympathetic. So not only will I give you a glimpse at all the terrible ideas I’ve had during my blogging experience. Not only will I let you laugh at my misdeeds, but if you find one you really like, I will give you, the community, pick one to revive. You can pick one kitten who gets to see the glorious light of day. Oh and one last thing, some of these will probably be pretty dated, so be warned.

  • History of Francophonic Studies- Basically why I hate French Class so much.
  • Letter to my Future Self-  Yeah
  • Essay on Psychosocial Cranial Penetration-Basically pranks, but it got kind of creepy
  • Modern Behavioral Analysis- Behaviors you’ll notice on your first time in a new place
  • Contemporary Meteorology– All about Weather
  • Rudimentary Psychoanalysis– One of those I’m going crazy bits
  • Dietary Studies 101- All about Dining halls
  • Experiments in Social Outreach– a debrief of sorts from the AMA
  • Spring Fest- The story of the time we went to a Ratatat concert called “Spring Fest”
  • The Social Life of the American Middle Schooler- Remember socials from Middle School? Talking ’bout that stuff
  • A Few Words of Advice– A second chance at giving advice to the people below me
  • My Main Man J.R.R. Tolkein– I just read the Hobbit, that’s what/why
  • Hypotheticals– Hypothetical situations, but you probably figured that out
  • Gilmo’s Urban Dictionary Volume 2– everybody loves sequels to bits that weren’t that funny the first time right
  • Prom– you probably have this one all figured out
  • Graduation…- If I had given the speech at graduation
  • Showdown: Star Wars vs Star Trek– pretty self-explanatory
  • The Omnibus- a collection of bits
  • Nicolas Cage- Who doesn’t love Nick Cage the most brilliant/crazy man in Hollywood
  • Prank King- Just so you know I am the king of pranks
  • Music- Not fully thought out, I was just like, something about music!
  • I Really am Crazy- again, an I’m going crazy bit
  • “As I Stand Here Fishing”- this one was gonna be deep, some double meaning stuff in there. Yeah, it’s about waaaay more than fishing
  • In Defense of Video Game Violence- The closest Gilmo’s World ever came to becoming embroiled in polictical happenings
  • Pirating- I forget if this was meant swashbuckling sailors or nerds with and internet connection, or maybe both!
  • Legos- it ended up being more creepy than funny, then again that hasn’t stopped me before
  • A New World Order- Some illuminati crap, etc.
  • Social Media- Turns out making fun of Social Media isn’t funny.
  • Camping- I keep telling myself I’ll write this one, but it’s been six plus months and still nothing.
  • So You Say You Want a Revolution- This one got reeeeeeeeeeally depressing so I stopped. It’s about how a new american revolution would be a bad idea
  • Here Comes the Sun- The sun is really bright sometimes, and I have sensitive eyes.
  • The Talent Show- remember that time I did Stand-Up comedy? NEITHER DO I.

So here you go, I’ve opened the vault. You’ve all been given unadulterated (well only slightly adulterated) access to my brainstorm machine. Don’t be expecting access like this again anytime soon, so soak it all in. I must be really desperate, because I’m going to break even more of my rules and let you pick one to resurrect. So if you see one you like, or two or three, list your top three or so in the contact form and send it off to me. You have one week.