Advanced Storytelling

Inspired by a poster I read on a bathroom stall in my dorm, I have decided to start my own literary adventure series. Once a week from now until later I will write one piece of a story, and the next piece the next week. Don’t worry if what I’m saying is nonsense, you’ll catch on soon enough. Let’s just hope this doesn’t end up like Pop Songs:Explained.

We begin our tale in the quaint town of Clarksville, where cider is cold, and the chocolate is hot. Resting gently in between a single lonely mountain, and the pristine Silver Lake, Clarksville was a favorite among tourists, both rugged and lazy. When the days are long and the heat scorching, the beach surrounding Silver lake is abuzz with activity. Vendors line the boardwalk selling cotton candy and chili dogs (usually not at the same time), children rush into the water to play and cool off, ladies line the sand sucking in the sun all competing for the ultimate tan. It is on one of these hectic summer days that we join the hero of our tale, Jason, enjoying the sun with his friends. It’s mid-august and soon their ranks will once again fill the dusty hallways of the High School. For now though they set out to enjoy what remained of their summer. There are five of them in total:  Jason, Tommy, Adam, Carly, and Karen.

There was one thing that bonded this group together tighter than an elephants sphincter… an intense, near obsessive passion for League of Legends. In real life they were just an average group of teens, barley superior to a pack of horny middle schoolers (and about as mature), but in the game of LOL they were magicians, warriors, and Yordles, whatever the hell that is. On the battleground they were unstoppable. Five hundred battles had been waged, and only eighty were a loss. During that time, friendships were forged, skills were honed, Adam and Carly started canoodling, and champions were born. So it was  on this late-to-mid summer’s day that the gang, or Team Ravenclaw, as they were colloquially (not) called, set out to take a break from the video games and enjoy the sun and grab some world famous Ray’s chili dogs…

That’ s it for today, but if you come back in like a week I’ll probably have the next installment of what I’m calling, Adventures in Clarksville!

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