The Last Waltz

Michaela– Friends from the beginning, and we had some baller tea parties. One of my few regrets is letting us grow apart. I’ve always cherished those memories from way back yonder. I also loved the chance to get to know you again this year in PL.

Sam (S)- To my fellow member of Team Lugia, I hereby forgive you for stealing my red Power Ranger, although you still owe me some free Wings and/or Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. You are also the only person I know of who regularly sings the song Zip-a-dee-doo-da, and strangely enough, I think I’m going to miss that.

Danny– There are some times I wonder, whatever happened. Maybe it’s my terrible memory, or maybe it was just too long ago, but I can never seem to remember why we grew apart. We were once the best of friends, running through the woods and launching rockets (at the same time of course), and today we are no more than common acquaintances.

Brian– Of all of my friends you were the only one who got free boat rentals (#perks).  You may not have appreciated my incredible crew skills, but you did put up with my OCD, and other sea-based antics, which is admirable. Whatever happens in the coming years go where the wind takes you, I know how good you are at that (Lolz, sailing jokes).

Will– I’ll never forget the day you stole one of those cream cheese packets from the Middle School, and shoved the entire thing in your mouth (for absolutely no reason I might add) only to have the lunch lady come over immediately afterwards and ask, “were you gonna pay for that?” I may not quite get why you like State Radio so much, but at least you have a square head (because those two things are comparable)…not really sure where I was going with that. I’ll always miss the days when we used to sit around talking about Homestar Runner.

Jaffer– Jaffer for you I have some advise. Where ever you go, what ever you do, just make sure you’re doing what you love. Dreams were meant to be followed. And don’t worry you’ll do well out there. You’re going to find some friends who will treat you better than I ever did (because I am an asshole), you know, like you deserve. And once you find that place, stay there because that’s where you really belong.

Forrest– Mr. California himself. I would like to retroactively apologize for all the times I may have said, “Run Forrest Run!” That was wrong, and I admit that (Forrest Gump references are never funny anyway). I may not have always agreed with you, but you were the best Project Communicator (that was your title right?) I could ask for, by the way did we ever end up sending Slipher his card? Well have fun at USC, but don’t go too hard Forrest, stay sane, and always remember the little people back in Vermont.

Ronak/Raihan- Ah the children of the group. Now I realize there are two of you, but you’re both still in High School so I don’t care. Despite being a year behind the rest of us, I’m glad I got to know you (two). My only advise is this. Don’t stress out too much about college, it’ll all be fine in the end. Oh and Raihan do try to go outside once and a while, the sun is your friend!

Rajit– I don’t know why you have a sword Rajit, and I could have gone my entire life without knowing you did, until you decided to threaten me with it. I forgive you of course, but I think I’m also going to have to thank you because that makes for a way better story. I honestly hope your band works out, because whether or not I end up listening to your music (don’t worry I won’t) I want to be able to point to the TV and say, “hey I was friends with that guy in High School, did I ever tell you about the time he threatened me with a sword?” And on the other end of that spectrum, like I told Forrest, don’t go too hard on the partying, I’d hate for you to turn into a regular old Lindsey Lohan (Question: is that still a relevant reference in 2013?).

Thejas– Middle School was a weird time, but it took Thejas to make it awesome. It sucked when you moved away, because who else could you count on to come up with such a great idea as Gil-Dubs and the Mongoes (we could have made it by the way!). I don’t know if anyone ever told you this, but it was only about a week after you left that we came up with a plan to kidnap you and bring you back to Vermont, because a world without T-dubs is a world without such jems as Spring Fest, the DO for your BO song, and Water Pong. We never executed the plan because well, you just came back, but it was gonna be awesome, I can promise you that. On a side note, do you know of anywhere we can get rid of like 20 gallons of chloroform?

Neel– Long ago I lost count of the number of ridiculous and intensely political debates we’ve had. You’re arguments may have been BS 90% of the time, but you sure can debate. And while we’re in the realm of compliments, I’d like to thank you for letting me be our (RWDC) Project Manager this year, you showed some real class when we made that decision, thank you. Oh and if your wondering whether I’ll sell all of those embarrassing Dynamic Duo shows to the media when you run for president, I absolutely will, that stuff is too good to fake. And while we’re on the subject of the Dynamic Duo…

VIshnu– The infamous DJ VKP. I feel like I’ve watched you grow up in front of my eyes.  From the little kid who just wanted his orange juice, to the other (funnier) half of the Dynamic Duo, to a kid who looks like he could pass for maybe like a High School Junior, it’s been quite the change. If I had a nickel, nay a hay-penny, if I had a measly hay-penny for every time someone thought you were a little kid, or a middle schooler, or someone who was far too young to be attending High School, I would have built a moon base by now. I know you hate it but you’ll always be that little kid from RWDC freshman year, who just wanted his orange juice, which sucks for you because we’re both going to Georgia Tech next year and I’m going to show EVERYONE that video!

Carey– Ah, the late addition to the group. Despite never reaching full FNF member status you still managed to work your way into the inner circle (I blame Brian, stupid  Brian!), congrats by the way, that’s quite the accomplishment. I also have to say thank you, because you really were the one who lobbied me to start this blog (and at the same time, damnit Carey look at what you started!). If you could take a warm ball of fuzzy happy goodness, place it in a jar made of pure joy, wrap that in a layer of kindness, and mold that entire apparatus into the shape of a Unicorn, I would draw that and post it on my blog, but I’m a terrible artist so I can’t. I’d tell you good luck in the future, but that’s a given so instead I tell you to keep a watchful eye on your skype incase we (as in the FNF Boy Band) decide to send you another “a cappella” version of Lamborghini Mercy.

Noah– I’m not going to lie, Noah Bugbee is probably the punniest name ever. I’ll always remember your rendition of the Pina Colada song while on that cruise in Greece. We’ve had many debates over the years, the worst of course being the infamous debate over the inherent differences between ditches and trenches, that was a fun two hours of my life. I look forward to reading about Dr Bugbee in the future, although I would prefer if you’d publish your medical studies and whatnot under the name DJ Josh Bugbee, it has more recognizability (remember that name folks, DJ Josh Bugbee). Joking aside, I have to commend you, no matter how much crap we gave you (but Callie was cool with it!) you always stuck to what you believed.

Alex– When it comes to slaying zombies or robbing banks, you always need a good partner by your side. I may have gotten our squad killed on more than one occasion you never gave up. You gave us the idea for Creation Club (no not a creationist club, a club where you create things, because that apparently needs specifying) even though you never joined, you let us play Catwoman on your Gamecube (greatest game ever btw), and you kicked all of our asses at sport. Don’t worry though, I’ll be sure to message you whenever I feel the need to head back into the summoner’s rift.

Michael– Michael you are without a doubt my favorite person in the entire world. If there is one person I can trust to brighten my day it is Michael R Guo, and if there is one person I can trust to give me a negative review of something it’s Michael R. Guo. I’ll always remember those days in Cisco when it was just you and me with all of those seniors. I’ll miss those late night conversations on Xbox Live, while sniping in BC2, but that’s what skype is for.  Michael have fun at the Groovy U-veey, but get to class, don’t use the grass. Oh and BTW we’re getting Payday 2 when it goes on sale.

Ben– Sometimes when you get the right combination of people in a room together, in the right setting, you get some of the best conversation imaginable. Our lunch run conversations have been the highlight of my day for the past few years (with the exception of Michael of course). I don’t just hope you are successful in the years to come, I am relying on you to be successful, because who else is going to help me make my movie other than world famous director Ben Croll. Seriously though, make that stuff happen.

Sam (B)– I’d like to start with an apology. I’m sorry for taking you to Legally Blonde, it was just a weird situation handled poorly. And now that I’ve apologized, it would be the perfect time if you wanted to apologize for failing to uphold your end of the brolationship (Patent Pending). With that I’d also like to thank you for putting up with all my weirdness through the years.  You didn’t have to help me with my “girl troubles” but you did, despite being on a date with a person I’ve only met 4 times (Sam: I’m never going to let you live that down, Audience: Don’t worry if you don’t understand that 4 times thing). You let me hang out at band practice and eat all the cookies despite the fact that I didn’t actually play an instrument, or really contribute anything to the band. Keep an eye on Michael for me at UVM, make sure Ben upholds his movie agreement with me, and remember sam no matter what I say, you will always be doing extremely for your age.

Fuck Yeah we be "Keeping it Alive"
Fuck Yeah, we be “Keeping it Alive”



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  1. If in any way you felt threatened by the sword, I apologize. And for the record, I really didnt do any thing with it. I just took it out and put it back in.

  2. A trench is always a ditch but a ditch is not always a trench. A trench is man made while a ditch is pretty much any hole more than a couple feet deep. But I digress, well written Matthew, have a great time in college!

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