Gilmo’s Urban Dictionary

Everyday dozens of people go to urban dictionary to understand the latest slang. Well I want to dip into that demographic, so here is Gilmo’s very own Urban Dictionary.

This is Rajit
This is Rajit

Rajit- Often times you will hear people say things like, “she is so Rajit,” or “stop being so Rajit.” The term Rajit refers to anyone who resembles or emulates the characteristics of Rajit. They often hit things for no reason, listen to large amounts of emo music, or talk about their band “Test Icicle.” Some choose to spell the word as “ratchet,” however, while correct, I would avoid using this spelling as it could be easily confused with the term referring to a socket wrench. Ex: “If there was a prize for the biggest Rajit, it would go to you every year.” or “Why are you so Rajit?”

Crunk- Crunk is a combination of two words “Cruise” and “Dunk”. It refers to the act of taking a black and orange air-filled sphere, often called a basketball, and placing it in a basketball hoop on board a cruise ship. Ex: “Man I got mad crunk yesterday, I made like 3 baskets in a row!” or “Bro I haven’t crunk in so long”

Brony- Bronys are an interesting bread. Much like your average bro, they enjoy partying, listening to bad music and enjoying your run of the mill illicit substances. However, unlike most bros, these bros enjoy the sport of Dressage, AKA Horse Ballet. A brony is the type of person who may be disposed to describe a hosre as, “Rajit” or “Trill”. Ex: “You know that guy who lost the 2012 Presidential Election, he was such a brony” or “I didn’t realize you were a Brony…I’m moving out.”

YOLO- While used very casual such as, “let’s paaarrrtaaay! #YOLO!” it is a very dark term that encourages suicide. YOLO is actually an acronym, however after hundreds of years the actual words have been lost. Since then YOLO has been accepted as a common word that encourages one to kill themself. Example: Going 90 on a 25, YOLO! or Going Cliff Jumping, YOLO!

Grinding- a long time ago in a city far far away there was a sandwich shop. One day they decided to hold a dance competition, the person who could come up with the best dance move would win a free sandwich, or grinder as they are commonly called. Ever since grinding has been used to refer to a dance that one performs in order to solicit a grinder. Ex: “yo let’s grind” or “that was some sweet grinding, here’s your sandwich!”

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