Yah Bitch Yah: Explained

Alright now don’t be too quick to judge. I realize that “Soulja Boy” isn’t really recognized as an artistic genius, I mean look at how he spelled his name. Upon a first listen you would likely believe that this song has no lyrical significance. I strongly resent this notion, but I’m getting ahead of myself, listen for yourself.

I think the problem here starts with the assumption that Soulja Boy is using the term “bitch” in a derogatory sense, when in fact he is using it to refer to a female dog. No, this song is actually about American folk lore relating to the Alaskan Iditarod. As he screams (is that the right term?) the phrase, “Yahh bitch, ya!” He’s not trying to be offensive or inflammatory  No, Soulja Boy is actually referring to the way dog sledders tell their dogs to pull harder and run faster.I realize that this may be hard for many of you to accept. I assure you however, that my explanatory abilities for surpass your own.

Most of you are probably still incredulous, you’re probably also wondering why Soulja Boy talks about people wanting his autograph. Well it’s simple, the Iditarod is a very famous trail in Alaska. The reason it is so famous is because of the 1925 serum run. You see, the city of Nome was suffering from a diphtheria outbreak. Because of this they needed to import a precious anti-toxin to help the young children who were not immune to the disease. Hundreds of dogs and dozens of teams of sledders valiantly risked life and limb relaying the serum through the cold Alaskan winter to eventually save the day. The sledders in this instance became very famous, one of the lead dogs, Balto, has a statue in Central Park in fact. The sledders became so famous that people would ask for their autograph, as is custom when meeting celebrities. It appears that Soulja Boy has become angered over this incessant pestering to gain a simple signature. So there you go, that’s what this song is really about, a dog sledder who is annoyed by all those fans asking for autographs and whatnot. The more you know.