Dartmouth Model United Nations

So I went to Dartmouth Model UN this weekend. I was in the International Olympic Committee representing Spain, and I can tell you I was the best representative of the Spanish homeland ever. I was initially tempted to do the Spanish Rap, but it didn’t really fit in with womens’ equality in sports, then again the bar wasn’t very high considering that Iran tried to segregate the Olympics, but I digress.

D-MUN (that’s what the cool kids call Dartmouth Model UN) is cool though, it’s interesting seeing an entire country personified by a single person. This made me wonder: wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a sitcom, where all of the characters were countries. Imagine Friends, except Rachel is constantly trying to declare nuclear war on Ross.

Being a sitcom, all of the countries would have to be incredibly stereotypical. America would be the fat rich white dude who carries around a bazooka. Russia is a big guy, kind of stupid, used to be the cool kid on campus, but now he’s just kind of a burnout. THe UK is an old vaguely racist dude, who hunts quail and drinks bourbon in his “study”. France is a mime, of course, eats baguettes and is a wimp. North Korea, oh North Korea is going to be the best character of the whole show! Imagine Tiny Tim meets Dwight Schrute. He’s like this little kid who keeps trying to kill America in a Wiley Coyote-esque type relationship.

I hate to brag, but this is a sweet idea. It’ll be like Family Guy, but funny! Don’t even think about stealing this idea now. I have dibs! Though I’m not sure what kind of legal admissibility “dibs” have in court. I still need a baller name for this new show. It has to be good, a bad name can ruin a sitcom. I’m pretty sure “Don’t Trust the “B’ in Apartment 23” was canceled, because that is an annoyingly stupid name, well besides that fact that it’s a terrible show.

Now back to D-MUN. As I mentioned, I represented Spain in the International Olympic Committee. Other than debating womens’ equality, we decided the host city of the 2020 Olympics. The candidates were Istanbul, Tokyo, and Madrid. Now let’s just say the Spanish have a lot to be happy about #Madrid2020 #WinnerWinnerChickenDinner

After today’s committee sessions, we had a “social”. It was like middle school all over again. I’m not exactly big on the club scene. It’s very disorienting! Well I have a special present for you, I recorded some thoughts while I was there. Now let me begin by stating that I have not listened to this audio, and I am very fatigued from a week of late-night RWDC sessions (I’ll explain that in a few day). Oh BTW you may want to turn your volume down.


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