Hell Week

You may have noticed that I didn’t post a lot last week. Well I was very busy. I hate to complain, but…oh who am I kidding? I love to complain! Well all last week me and some of my friends were staying up until about 2 in the morning just about every  night working on the Real World Design Challenge, because the deadline was friday (we submitted on time if you care). Then on friday I had to go to DMUN, so in addition to all that Real World stuff, and homework, I had to write two position papers. Look it was a lot of stuff to do, and now I’m really tired, and I have a bad cough. Well luckily for you, I am a firm believer in procrastination, and I have a lot of procrastinating to make up, what with all the school I missed, so there’ll be plenty of posts this week! In other news, I think is my shortest post to date!