I did it! I made it into college. As of march 9th I have officially been accepted to Georgia Tech! Yay! Now I can finally stop worrying, because no matter what I’m going to college. I’m still waiting on a bunch of other schools because apparently it takes a long time to tell me I’m amazing. But now I have to think, if I get into other schools, do I still go to Georgia Tech? Well it’s going to depend, but first let’s flesh out the pros and cons about going to Georgia.
Con: it’s Georgia. I’m not saying that because I hate Georgia. No I’m saying that because Georgia is really far away from Vermont. Pro: it’s Georgia. Therefore it is warm unlike Vermont, also there is sunshine, unlike Vermont.
Pro: it’s in Atlanta. The campus of Georgia Tech just happens to be in the same place as the initial setting of The Walking Dead. Con: The Walking Dead is no longer filmed in Atlanta. Alright we’ll that’s enough of the pros and cons.
This is big though, it means no matter what I’m going to college next year. That’s such an exciting and yet simultaneously terrifying proposition. It means saying goodbye to almost everyone I know, it means being dropped in a completely foreign location, with nothing but my wits to save me. But it also means new friends, new places, and new experiences. I honestly don’t know how to react. I love Vermont and I don’t know if I want to leave, but at the same time I want to go explore the world. As a result everything feels very surreal, I don’t think you can really comprehend such a monumental change in your daily life. I’m sure it’ll hit me one of these days, but it probably won’t be until December. In the meantime I think I’m just going to distract myself with blogging, and stand up comedy, seems easier than having to actually think.