Batman Vs Iron Man: The Showdown

Batman and Iron Man are incredibly similar Superheroes. Both of these heroes were born into wealth, they are both incredibly intelligent, and both created their powers, they were not given to them. But the two are in competition, one is DC, one is Marvel. Only one hero can be the victor.

1. Movie Adaptation:

The modern adaptations of both these heroes are excellent. Christopher Nolan’s Batman is deep, he is gritty, and he is badass (though he needs a lozenge). Then you have Iron Man, an amazing movie…if you’re 5. Alright so that’s an exaggeration, but when compared to the Dark Knight, the Iron Man movies look like a pile of…Saltines, overwhelmingly meh. Nolan’s Caped Crusader has action and plot, they are truly amazing movies, and if you haven’t seen them then I hate you.

Point: Batman

2. Suit:

The suit is one of the only differences between these two pop culture icons. The Iron Man suit is awesome, it flies, it shoots lasers, it can protect Tony Stark from knives and bullets, even tank rounds, if the movie is to be believed (which it shouldn’t). In addition the Iron Man suit can fly, and has it’s own personal AI. Meanwhile Batman’s suit can stop some bullets, and comes ready with some cool gadgets, and Batman also has a cape, the most BA hero accessory. But here’s the key difference, notice how earlier I said the Iron Man suit, not Tony Stark. The real difference between these two crime fighters is the fact that Tony Stark is nothing without his suit, where as Burce Wayne’s physical abilities are merely augmented by his super suit. Purely on the basis of suits though, Iron Man is going to edge out the win this round.

Point: Iron Man

3. Alter Ego:

Both these guys have similar alter egos. Bruce Wayne is charming and philanthropic. Tony Stark is wealthy and fun-loving. The only difference here is that Bruce Wayne doesn’t flaunt his wealth as much as Tony Stark. Movie goers will however note that Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne frequently purchases entire buildings on the fly.

Point: Tie

4. Pimpedness:

I’m going to be blunt: Tony Stark is a pimp. He built a reputation of being a “playboy” before he eventually became Iron Man, being played by Robert Downy Jr. also helps. In addition I can think of no bigger piece of bling than the Iron Man suit. Batman on the other hand is a bit more reserved. Bruce Wayne is very primping, but I’m going to have to give this one to Tony Stark.

Point: Iron Man

5. Intellect:

Both these heroes aren’t short on brains. Batman is often hailed as the greatest detective of all time, a profession that requires a great deal of intellect, though his background is fairly light on specifics, we don’t know where Bruce went to college, or even if he went to college at all. I’m going to assume Bruce had some technical training however, given his ability to create such awesome gadgets. Tony Stark on the other hand went to MIT, yadda yadda yadda, he is not short on technical experience. In addition Stark’s technology is years ahead of the rest of society, whereas Bruce Wayne is probably only a couple months ahead if that (I’d hardly call batarangs cutting edge). This round is going to Iron Man, simply because of the complexity of the Iron Man suit, and all his various Gizmos.

Point: Iron Man

6. Morality:

Here’s where we really get into the qualitative aspects of the superhero world. First up is Iron Man. One will note his valiant efforts to keep Stark’s very own technologies from falling into the wrong hands. However, one must keep in mind, that Tony Stark is first and foremost, an arms dealer. The entire industry is built upon the foundations of war, a notoriously immoral industry, though I will concede that Tony Stark does try to bring a level of ethics to the world’s armaments. Batman on the other hand is the ultimate moral compass. Batman’s ethics are not tied to any kind of nationalistic, or corporate loyalties, his only ally is justice. It is for that reason that Batman never kills any of his enemies. To do so would lower him to the level of a petty criminal, instead he rises above and becomes better than the crime he fights.

Point: Batman

7. Symbolism:

For superheroes this is arguably one of the most important categories, and it’s also where one hero really sticks out. Iron Man is certainly a great symbol, he stands for justice, for security, and for doing what’s right. But at the end of the day he’s just a man. Batman on the other hand is more than a man. Batman is a legend, Batman is a hero, Batman is the ultimate symbol. Because Batman’s identity remains a mystery, he is not bound by the limits of an ordinary man, instead he become elevated to the status of demigod, guardian and protector of Gotham City. Batman can not be defeated, and he can’t be killed. Iron Man on the other hand is just a man, a man who has flaws, so instead he will remain a man, an extraordinary one, but a man none the less. Since Batman remains anonymous he becomes the ultimate symbol of justice.

Point: Batman

8. Badassery:

Honestly these are two badass guys. Iron Man’s suit makes him superhuman. And it’s Batman’s lack of real protection like the Iron Man suit that makes all his actions all the more incredible. Now I’m going to give this last round to Batman for that very reason. Iron Man is great and all, but like I’ve said earlier, Tony Stark isn’t Iron Man, he’s simply controlling him. Without his suit Tony Stark is nothing, he can’t fight crime, he can’t save the world. Whereas Batman doesn’t need the suit. For crying out loud Batman defeatted Superman, a virtual demigod, with nothing more than his wit and strength of will. Batman can do all the things Iron Man can, but without the reliance on a mechanic suit, and that makes him all the more badass.

Point: Batman

It was a hard fought battle. Each superhero brought some truly great traits to the table. In the end the final tally was:

Iron Man: 3 Batman:4

Both these superheroes are amazing, and have achieved great feats in their own respective worlds. The thing that truly makes these guys great is also what holds them back, at the end of the day they are just people, nothing more. I probably could have made this a tie, because I love both these heroes so much, but alas that isn’t the result they deserve. If I had to pick one, Batman is the clear winner. Regardless of where he is, or what he is wearing, Bruce Wayne is Batman. He always has his powers, because he is not dependent on a super suit.