Talent Night

Sam wouldn't stop moving, sorry
This is where I am currently standing

At the old High School we have a tradition. Every year about this time all he classes put on a skit, in an event we call Talent Night. It’s a lot of fun, the skits are usually pretty funny, which if you haven’t realized yet, is kind of my thing.
Unfortunately this year, much like every year, I have been snubbed. My role is mute, I’m not but a simple referee, only a single line and it’s not a funny one. It’s a shame my class chose not to capitalize on my incredible comedic abilities given the “wild success” of my blog. It’s probably because no one reads my blog.
Well now I’m stuck sitting here with nothing to do. So ya, you could say I’m pretty bored, just kind of sitting here backstage, writing this post. But it’s ok nothing I’m not experienced with. You probably don’t know this, but I was quite the drama kid back in middle school. I know that probably comes as a surprise given how I’m such a ladies ma-…alright so you probably could have guess that I was a theater lad. Anyways back in the “old days” (I’d hardly call middle school good) I had quite a bit of downtime in between scenes etc, I think it was because everyone else kept screwing up their lines, whereas I wizard through them like the pro I am. Well as a result I’ve gotten pretty good at preoccupying myself with other things. Hold on I’m on…
…And yet again it is the other actors who struggle, leaving me just kind of standing here blogging while they figure it out. Ah so is the plight of acting phenomenon: Gilmo!

That's all I got
That’s all I got

Well I’m bored again, so I think I’m going to walk across the stage right now…that was surprisingly anti climactic. I thought I would get a odd glance or maybe even a supportive nod, but nope nothing but a single picture. Well at least I have mguo to talk to now, he plays the protagonists’ mom (it’s a long running tradition).

And now for something completely different. Here’s the deal, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted for a while. Well, that’s because I’ve been working on a lot of post ideas. here’s the problem, I don’t know which one I like. They’re all terrible in my opinion, but then again I think all of my writing is terrible. Here’s where you come in. I need like 3-4 ideas to run with for the next week. So I need you, my audience to pick what you want to hear next, but this time I actually care about your opinion. So go ahead and pick like 3 things, but don’t go overboard and vote 50 billion times, no one likes that guy. And just so you know I’m probably going to blame the quality of my next post on you people, so the heat is on.