It probably won’t surprise you, but my talents aren’t limited to blogging and being afraid to talk to girls. I also enjoy movies. I don’t mean going to the movie theater, every one of my worst experiences have happened at a movie theater: fact. No, I like making movies. Anyone whose ever been lucky enough to meander through the notes on my iPhone will tell you that when I’m not writing for this blog, developing my stand up special or killing terrorists, I’m probably thinking up movie ideas. Unfortunatley I haven’t been able to bring any of them nearly as far as I would like, in fact, most of them remain in the writing stage.

That's all you're getting!
That’s all you’re getting!

So far I have your standard zombie flick, a detective drama and a depressing indie mockumentary. The only one that is anywhere near filming is the zombie film and I’ll tell you right now, it sucks! That and I don’t have a crew, or actors, or anything close to a budget. I’ve considered going madea-style and playing all the parts, but I figure Tyler Perry’s kind of cornered the market on that one. In the meantime I’m stuck practicing my editing skills on short little things I’ve filmed while my friends and I have been hanging out, like these ones:

Needless to say, those videos aren’t quite to the level of quality that I really want. I’d prefer not to have my movies on par with Minecraft commentaries. No, the kinds of movies I’m looking to make have more stopping power, the kinds of movies that make you say to yourself, “what am I doing with my life, look at what this person has done, they have created movies the likes of which have never been seeing. If I could become half the person he is, I would consider my life to have been successful.” That’s my goal, to make at least one person feel like a total failure in comparison to my awesomeness.

Hopefully I’ll be able to at least finish writing some of my movies, especially the mockumentary because it could actually be really good. Though it probably doesn’t help that I’m always busy trying to think of crap to write for this blog. Who knows maybe one of these days I’ll just cop out and post my zombie movie and call it a post.