Blogging on Location

That was supposed to be me in Clam’s living room, but my phone doesn’t take good selfies

Ssssssh! I have to be very quiet because I’m blogging from inside of Clam’s house…and he’s not home. In fact no one is home, his whole family is away on vacation, so score! If you’re wondering how I got in Clam, you really need a better password on your garage door. Well while I’m here I may as well have some fun!
When I first walked in the door I was initially greeted by Clam’s two cats: Meow Zedong and Meowzellini. I’ve never been much of a cat person, but hey everyone has their own tastes, though the rabbit scares me. Every time I go anywhere near it it flipping growls at me. Now if you’ve never had a rabbit growl at you, let me tell you something, it’s terrifying. It looks so cute (doesn’t smell too good though), but you go to say hi and it tries to eat your face! It probably doesn’t help that it reminds me of the scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and I don’t have any holy grenades left!
Now I’m no petty thief, so I’m not going I steal anything. I think I’m mostly just going to touch some stuff, maybe move a few things around, de-tune his guitar. The kind of thing that’s unsettling in the way it screams, someone was knows how to get into my house. I’m also not one to make threats but…don’t you cross me Clam…you’ll regret it.
Well I think I’ve had enough creepy fun here, so I’m going to set one last prank and then I’m out of here. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do. Maybe I’ll put some dust next to his car. That way the whole time he’s driving he’ll be like, “what was with that dust man?! Ahh,” or maybe I’ll switch his games, so he’ll open up Gears of War and find Big Bumpin’, or he’ll open up Halo 4 and find another copy of Big Bumpin’. Oor I could bug his house and listen in on everything he says, then ill finally know if he took my pen! Or I could just use all the information I gather to DESTROY HIM! Hahaha! I guess it really depends on how villain-y I feel.