Valentine’s Day

Well it’s here again. The day when the couple of the world openly try to make single people feel inadequate. Being single on Valentine’s day is like…like….I’m sorry I’m a bit distracted tonight. They say you learn something new everyday, and today I learned that I suck at talking to pretty girls. To fill yo in a little, I finally gave a valentine to that girl I like, but here’s the problem, everything I know about dating and relationships comes from romantic comedies and Aziz Ansari standup. As a result instead of actually talking to her, I’ve been planing elaborate, I’ll call them happenings. there were serenades, mysterious notes, even a scavenger hunt at one point, because I know what the ladies like.

Now I apologize for the short post, but I am currently working up the courage to actually talk to this girl, so you could say I have bigger things on my plate.